Chronic Disease Day

July 10, 2019

How It Works

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What is Chronic Disease Day?

Chronic Disease Day takes place each year on July 10th (7/10) to represent the seven out of ten individuals in the United States who succumb to chronic conditions such as all types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and other chronic and rare conditions.

Chronic Disease Day raises awareness on the challenges for individual access to care and promotes self-care best practices to reduce individual risk and lower national health care costs.

Why is it important?

Hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer from unpreventable and costly chronic and rare conditions. But the deadliest and costliest chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and obesity, are also the most preventable. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 25 percent of Americans have at least one chronic illness, and that number rises to 75 percent of adults aged 65 and older.

Access to vital medical care is financially prohibitive for most Americans. Chronic Disease Day improves public knowledge of the risks of chronic disease and raises awareness on everyone’s opportunities to extend their quality of life and lower overall health care costs through preventative well-being practices.

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Simple Self-Care Tip Cards

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Self-Care Tip 1


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Self-Care Tip 2


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Self-Care Tip 3


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Printable Card

Checklist ✓

Get Involved

Everyone can get involved. Email us to find out if your hometown and state recognize Chronic Disease Day. If they don’t currently recognize it, we’ll issue a request on your behalf.

Check out the free resources

Download free copies of our Simple Self-Care Tips and Travel Checklist.

Join the community

Visit our social media where you can connect with others, share your story, or start a Facebook fundraiser that makes more good days possible for people who suffer from chronic illnesses.



Make healthy lifestyle choices
Make it a good day and take steps to support your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Read the Good Days blog for articles on these topics.

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