Chronic Disease Day

Chronic Disease Day brings together state and city governments, national patient advocacy groups and local communities to share actionable resources and support the chronic disease community.

Chronic diseases account for 7 of the top 10 causes of death in America and more than 90 percent of our annual healthcare spending. We promote healthy living so that our healthcare system can better support individuals with unpreventable chronic conditions and invisible illnesses.

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I started listening to my body and I’m noticing huge changes. Even though it’s uncomfortable putting yourself first is really important to leading a healthier life.


Patients [should] be aware of their risks, and be in regular contact with a doctor who can give council and screen for common issues. This type of advice can help people live healthier lives and make it so that they do not have to deal with long term chronic illness later in life.

Dr. Ball

Chronic illness is a daily reminder of your struggle, but it can also be marked by the power within.


We can have a life with purpose, strength and great meaning - but only if we decide that what we are doing is what we are going to do.


My mom was able to share that information with her sisters, with my sister, and because we all have this information, it makes it easier for the doctors to know what to look for when they know what the family history is.


I’ll never forget this, but I remember that I woke up one day and I decided - today is the day I’m going to change my life.


Reduce Your Risk

Join the MyFitnessPal Group

Physical activity and nutrition are two of the most impactful ways to stay strong and feel good. Join the Chronic Disease Day 2020 group on MyFitnessPal for weekly challenges developed by certified trainer and wellness coach Morgan Anderson-Reed.

Self-Care Tips

Many preventable chronic conditions are caused by key risk behaviors. Reduce your likelihood of getting a chronic disease and improve your quality of life with these lifestyle changes.

Stop Smoking

Stopping smoking (or never starting) lowers risk of serious health problems.
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Eat Healthy

Healthy eating helps prevent, delay and manage heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other chronic diseases.
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Get Moving

Increasing physical activity and reducing the amount of sedentary time contributes to preventing and managing heart disease, diabetes and helps reduce stress.
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Avoid Alcohol

By avoiding excessive drinking, you can reduce your risk of high blood pressure, various cancers, heart disease, stroke and liver disease.
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Get Checked

Visit your doctor regularly for screenings to prevent chronic diseases or to catch them early.
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Sleep Tight

Lack of sleep has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, obesity and depression.
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Family History

Knowing – and acting on – your family history can help prevention and early detection of chronic conditions.
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Make Healthy Choices

Incorporating healthy behaviors into your daily life can prevent conditions such as high blood pressure or obesity, which raise your risk of developing the most common and serious chronic diseases.
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